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Fine Tuning the Printer

By Omair Tariq, Systems and Test Engineer Scope There are two issues to ensure correct flow of the mixture: Volume and Temperature Control of extrusion apparatus. The extrusion apparatus consists of a syringe and a needle attached to the base of the syringe. Temperature control was addressed by attaching a heater to the body of […]

Rover Field Presentation Debriefing

By Maxwell Nguyen, Project Manager During the field presentation of the rover, spiderbot, and hexapod, all three groups were able to successfully launch their projects.  However, all three groups encountered a few similar problems that prevented the projects from completing the mission objective.  Level 1 Requirements: The height requirement of the rover was completed and […]

E3D Hotends Assembly

By Jessica Salazar – 3D Manufacturing   Components: -Thermal Cartridge -Thermistor -M3 grub screw -Heat block -Heatsink -Heat-Break -Modified Fan Mount -Tube coupler Step1: The Bowden tube coupler screws directly into the top of the heatsink. Step2: Screw the coupler into the heatsink, then push the tubing into and through the couple until it stops […]

Area Thermal Expansion

By Jessica Salazar – 3D Manufacturing     Aluminum expands when heat is applied; this was not considered and remained a problem with the previous design of the heat bed.  The heat bed was screwed down with no room for expansion this made imprecise prints and was not a smooth surface. The aluminum would concave […]