Intro to Biped


Project Manager: Ryan Fiske

Systems Engineering: David D. Knapp

Computer, Control and Power Division: Sokleng Heng

Manufacturing Division: Nikolas Bote and Rene Millan

Team Biped is designing a bipedal (two-legged) robot using many of the parts and design ideas of Dr. Jonathan Dowdall of Project Biped. This new robot will use RoFi (Robot Five) of Project Biped’s frame, and integrate with Arxterra’s control software to allow users to pilot our robot!

Intro to 3D Bio-Printer

3D Bio-Printer

Project Manager: Kristi Yoshikawa

Systems Engineering: Anh Tram Do

Computer, Control and Power Division: Abdou E. Fares

Manufacturing Division: Nikolas Bote and Yang Yin

Bio-printing involves a device used in the production of biological material through computer-aided software. The goal of this project is to add a z-axis to the bio-printer, allowing tissue cells to be printed layer-by-layer. This will build the tissue up vertically to achieve a three dimensional structure.  3D bio-printing technology promises to revolutionize medicine by one day printing organs.

Robotics Society of Southern California


Pathfinder Rover was exploring the most recent meeting for the Robotics Society of Southern California. There were also interesting presentations on autonomous robots (Leaf Project) and Lego NXT Sensor Interfacing. Meetings are free and every second Saturday of the month.

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3D Printing Demonstration

3D Printing

Manufacturing Division members watch a 3D printing demonstration during  a California State University senior design class to prepare for the semester of innovative work ahead.

OC Interactive Meetup

Arxterra was on hand at the OC Interactive Group giving a presentation on Arduino Flash Based Control! Of course Rosco was on hand for a quick demo! Thanks to our own Jeff Gomes for setting everything up.

More info on OC Interactive can be found at:

Arduino Enthusiast Meeting

Rosco and Pathfinder were on display at the monthly LA Arduino Enthusiast Meeting. Great turnout and interesting people from all backgrounds. If you’re in the area and love Arduino, a great meeting to check out! People of all ages and backgrounds!

Two Roscos and a Pathfinder

Two Roscos and a Pathfinder

Dancing Follower Robots

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