Electronic Component BOM and Order: Sojourner

Written by: Muhannad Al Mohamed (E&C DM)


Sojourner uses electronic components listed in the figure below. However, an update should be made to this list in regards to the color sensing components. Since we will be using BH1745NUC IC in sensing color, the Adafruit TCS340725 should be changed along with the components of the generic color sensor. As seen in the list, some parts have been acquired by the project’s members; however, the rest should be ordered.

Old Sojourner’s parts list

Update: 11/19/2017

The parts list of Sojourner has changed. A Fuse part (1206L075THYR) is added to the list and the parts for the new Color Sensor Shield (Sensor shield using: BH1745NUC IC) are added too. The parts have been ordered and are expected to arrive the week after Fall Break.

Color Sensor Shield parts

Written By: Muhannad Al Mohamed E&C DM

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