Final Project Document

By Kristine Abatay – Project Manager
      Matthew Clegg – Computer & Control Systems
      Simon Abatay – 3D Modeling & Manufacturing

Before signing off with the final document for Spiderbot, we would like to thank various members of the Robot Company in aiding with the completion of Spiderbot:

First off, we would like to thank David Gonzalez of last semester’s Hexapod project for his loan of Chop Suey for preliminary code practice.

We would like to thank Ali Etezadkhah of 3D Bioprinter and division manager of manufacturing, for allowing us use of his 3D printer for the class and for printing Spiderbot’s pieces in a timely fashion.

We would also like to thank Tommy Sanches of MC3 for his immense help in getting Spiderbot connected to Arxterra.

We would like to thank Elaine Doan of Biped for helping run tests and for guiding Spiderbot in the writing of requirements.

Finally, we would like to thank Vice President (Dr.) Larry Harmon for all of his hard work in posting countless blogs and grading presentations, despite his busy schedule.


A pdf file of the final document of Spiderbot can be downloaded here:

This is Project Spiderbot signing out.

Live Long and Prosper!

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