Spring 2017 Mini Pathfinder Updated Mission Profile

By: John Her (Project Manager)


The Mini Pathfinder mission has changed since the PDD where it will no longer participate with other robots in a game. Instead, the Mini Pathfinder will have the same mission as the Spring 17’ Pathfinder but scaled down.

New Mission Profile

We will remotely traverse a course of approximately 27.8 meters in length. The course will have 3 stairs it will descend and 3 stairs it will ascend with each stair being 27mm. During this course the Mini Pathfinder will demonstrate electronic differential turning, solar charging, proper rocker bogie mechanics and provide telemetry.  

Figure 1. Pathfinder distances in Red. Mini Pathfinder distances in blue

Since the Spring 2017 Pathfinder is inherited from the Fall 2016 Pathfinder, the distance from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel is a total of 19.22 inches or 488.188mm [1]. To get the scale factor, we find the distance from the center of our front wheels to the center of our rear wheels which has a measurement of 99mm. (488.188/99=4.9311919). We mapped the coordinates of the Spring 2017 Pathfinder and used google maps and its measuring tool to get approximate measurements.  


With the new Mission Profile set, we can continue with our design of the Mini Pathfinder.



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