Training on Arxterra 3DoT App RC Mode

Written By: Muhannad Al Mohamed (E&C DM) Objective The Arxterra 3DoT App training had a goal of teaching E&C and MST members how to use their phones to communicate with their projects through Remote Control Mode. The ArxRobot Application has two different modes of communication with the Robot’s Microcontroller. The Remote Control Mode (covered in this […]

Electronic Components BOM and Order: Goliath

Components Goliath’s project uses electronic components listed in the figure below. However, an update should be made to this list in regards to the color sensing components. Since we will be using BH1745NUC IC in sensing color, the Adafruit TCS340725 should be changed along with the components of the generic color sensor. As seen on the list, some parts […]

Generic Color Sensor Hedge follower PCB Layout

Written by Charles Banuelos   The PCB design below is for a generic hedge following shield. The PCB is a work in progress with the finalizing of the dimension dependent upon the testing of the color sensors. The LEDs chosen are significantly larger than the previous design and this is due to availability.