ATECHTOP Final Video Spring 2015

By Shiela Caridad: ATECHTOP Mission Systems and Test Engineer Approved and posted by Robyn Goss: ATECHTOP Project Manager This video is meant to showcase how we utilized the engineering method to produce our wireless body area network, ATECHTOP.   Engineering Method Identify the Problem Define the problem (requirements) Form creative design solutions Overcome obstacles Make […]

ATECHTOP Final Documentation

Introduction to ATECHTOP’s Purpose and Objective: Play is essential to youth development, as it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of a child, particularly between the ages four to five [1,9].  There are a number of debilitating diseases which require intensive medical monitoring and special supervision, limiting a child’s ability to play. […]

Power Budget and Battery Selection

By Robyn Goss and Kenia Garcia: ATECHTOP Project Manager and ATECHTOP Electronics Engineer Tracking the power consumption of the body network system is imperative in keeping within reasonable project limitations. Battery usage and length of operation time are highly dependent on the consumption of power by the body network. Level 2 requirement 8 states that […]

Range of Motion Verification Test

Verification Testing: Range of Motion Objective The objective of this test is to verify that the child/user of ATECHTOP will be able to safely and comfortably retain a full range of motion.   Test Equipment: Scale Goniometer   Procedure A group member will weigh each component separately and then the ATECHTOP product as a whole. […]

Arxterra Verification Test

Verification Data Sheet: Arxterra Applications   Name: Shiela Caridad Date: May 7, 2015 Physiological Signal Data Comments Heart Rate reading 71 BPM At rest Blood Oxygen Level reading 99% Body Temperature reading 35 C Procedure Findings Comments Base reading of Heart Rate 71 BPM N/A Raised heart rate reading 140 BPM Heart rate raised via […]