Pick and Place – Camera Test

By: Kevin Ruelas (Electronics)

Using the interface definitions defined in the camera document. I was able to test the camera to make sure it worked and was taking a photo correctly. The microSD board was a big part of this test as it was required to test the image before figuring out how to send it to Processing and if it was receiving the correct data. In terms of edge detection, I used an open source library called OpenCV. Upon looking at all their libraries I found the Canny edge detection to be the best for defining an edge. The photo is sent 64 bytes at a time and it may take up to 10 seconds for it to completely transfer the photo. From here, calibration code can be written to analyze the photo taken pixel by pixel and reference it to a calibrated photo in order to determine how much the X and Y axis needs to move so it can be at the origin.


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