#15: Final Information Filing

Assignments and Due Dates

  • Project Cost / Reimbursement Letters
    • My signature are due Today, Thursday May 10th
  • Class Final
    • Tuesday May 15th 10:00 to 3:00+
  • Return borrowed and purchased (Reimbursed) Parts
    • Tuesday May 15th 10:00 to 3:00+
  • Project/Division Evaluations
    • Drop Box Wednesday May 16th 1:00 pm
  • MST, E&C, and MFG Division Manager Training Summary
    • Drop Box Wednesday May 16th 1:00 pm
  • Summary/Final Blog Post
    • Friday, May 18th 1:00 pm
  • Project Video
    • Monday, May 21st 9:00 am

Additional Information

Do Not Forget

  • Source Materials
    • As specified in the Project Summary Blog your final post must include or link to these zipped files. When unzipped they must be in their native file formats (Solidworks Drawings, Fritzing Diagrams, Eagle CAD files, Arduino Code, etc.)
  • Final Print
    • ABS highest resolution with Acetone Bath or Carbon Fiber highest resolution. Do not paint.

Verification Report

  • Updated and Printed Verification and Validation Checklists and associated Test Reports are Due at the time of the Demonstration
  • Updated Checklist broken out by Division and Type (Will, Shall, Should). Unless otherwise directed (approved), verification will be at the system level.
  • Request waivers on tests you are not planning on conducting. It never hurts to ask.
  • Provide link to PDR System Level Requirements Do not include unlinked requirements. In other words, a system level requirement which is not linked to a project requirement. Again, unless approved, subsystem verification is not factored into your grade.
    • Include a “Change Control Page” at the beginning of the Test Report. See SMD Pick and Place for excellent example.
    • Checklist may include percent complete versus a simple Yes or No.
    • Common mistakes: quantitative (no sharp edges), missing requirements (flight time, safety).
  • Grading Note(s)
    • Points deducted for use of glue gun and other adhesives like epoxy, twisted non-soldered wires, poor workmanship, tape, zip ties, etc.
  • Non-mission Critical Parts

During the final week of class (not during final’s week) teams will return parts on loan or purchased with University funds and not required in support of the demonstration. Please bring paper versions of all relevant emails and receipts to expedite the process.