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Manufacutring Times

By Santiago Landazuri Interested in making Arterra’s Scan and Tilt platform but wonder how long it will take to print? Well printing with 75% speed the table shows the time it took to print. Femur 3                                                                  Leg with Holes Hexapod needed 3D printed parts and therefore split the platform into 4 pieces which later would […]


By: Grey Mouser When Natasha, a 3D printer, was given to the Manufacturing division at the beginning of the semester, there was little hope that she was going to be much help. To just name a few challenges we were faced with, Natasha had broken brackets, loose wires, the axes were not calibrated, and the […]

Working With Plastic

By: Grey Mouser 3D printing is a fun way to create strong parts for any application. While printing, there are several ways that a part can go wrong. These can range from a screw on the gear coming loose to the Arduino burning out. One of the most common problems I have encountered is with […]

New Extruder for Natasha (E3D-V5 Extruder)

By: Rene Millan – Manufacturing Overview: Due to the many benefits of using Nylon such as low cost, availability, and flexible structure, implementing a high temperature extruder to Natasha would be a great investment for the  EE400D projects.  By printing a couple of test parts using nylon we compared qualities of print with that of PLA […]

3D Printing of the Femur

              By Greyson Mouser On Saturday November 2, 2013, Santiago, Rene, and I worked on getting the femur for Hexapod printed. Satiago and Rene printing the femur. Hexapod femur printing in progress    

3D Bio-Printer Linear Actuator Test 2

Second method: To double check the first method used to test the linear actuator, another method was used to determine the resolution of the linear actuator. In this method the distance between two adjacent threads on the lead screw was measured, which came out to be 1.27mm/rev as shown in figure4: Figure 4: Distance between […]

3D Bio-Printer Linear Actuator Test 1

Z-axis linear actuator: We tested the a 250 mm shaft stepper motor linear actuator to find its resolution on Saturday October the 19th. This linear actuator will be used to drive the Z-axis on the 3D bio-printer. Equipments:                1) 250 mm shaft stepper motor linear actuator                2) Adjustable Arm vacuum base 3) Adafruit […]

3D Bio-Printer Design

Overview With limited amount of time and funds, a simple and affordable design must be implemented.  OpenBuilds offers a totally integrated modular framing system that allows for a quicker and easier build.  The system uses v-slots, an extruded aluminum rail that is designed for smooth linear motion.  Its modular nature will allow for design control […]

UFO Current Draw Test

Carlen tested the current draw on one of the fans and the results are very positive. With the low timing setting of the speed controllers, we are getting lots of thrust while keeping our current needs well below 27A (which is the specification value for the full current draw of the motor). The gathered data […]