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Spring 2017 Velociraptor: Final Project Summary

Author By: Jesus Enriquez (Project Manager) Spring 2017 Velociraptor Project Team: Jesus Enriquez (Project Manager) Oscar Ramirez (Mission, Systems, & Test) Mohammar Mairena (Electronics & Control) Andrea Lamore (Manufacturing) Executive Summary Program Objective The Objective of the EE 400D Velociraptor Robot is to produce a robot that emulates the body of a “Velociraptor”. The robot […]

Spring 2017 Velociraptor: Counting the Number of Dots Encountered

Authors By:  Oscar Ramirez (Mission, Systems, & Test) -Body Edited and Approved By: Jesus Enriquez (Project Manager) -Introduction & Conclusion Introduction One of the other challenges that we faced on top of choosing and configuring a color sensor was the challenge of interfacing the Arxterra app custom telemetry with the count dots command. This post […]

Spring 2017 Velociraptor: Final Assembly Update

Authors By:  Andrea Lamore (Manufacturing) Approved By: Jesus Enriquez (Project Manager) Introduction Assembly of the first velociraptor demonstrated some problems that were not clear from the SolidWorks model alone. These problems included a wobbliness/loose motion of the legs, the hip joint was arching when it should have been straight, and the head and tail were […]

Spring 2017 Velociraptor: DC Motor Selection

Authors By: Mohammar Mairena (Electronics & Control) Approved By: Jesus Enriquez (Project Manager) Introduction Through research on DC Motors, I came across gear motors. Gear motors add mechanical gears (gearbox) to reduce speed/increase torque and vice-versa. The increase in torque is inversely proportional to the reduction in speed. Each gearmotor has a different gear ratio […]