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Bio Printer Manufacturing Update

By: Shawn Ramirez As we approached completion of the assembly stage on our project, a few items still required manufacturing. These pieces were the mounting bracket that connected our build platform to the z axis lead screw, and the mounts for the various sensors. We explored manufacturing options for both of these mission critical parts, […]

Solidworks Breakout Session 4

In our final breakout session, we will further cover mating objects, material appearance for add realism in 3D modeling/assemblies and some basic techniques for measuring objects.   Advanced Motion Study Solid body contact is an alternative to hinged or mated objects for two reasons; the contact feature does not maintain an ideal relationship between to […]

BioPrinter PrintHead

To minimize the modeling and design time for the project, we took a look at an already modeled print head to see if we could implement that into our device and essentially avoid “reinventing the wheel.”   Unfortunately, the manufacturing processes involved for existing designs required CNC milling for producing parts, and many parts & […]

Solidworks Modeling Breakout Session 2

  This solidworks session features techniques for creating shapes, and removing shapes within a design. It also covers alternative techniques and methods for modeling,  and the benefits of one method versus another. What’s nice about this breakout session is that we’re able to take these techniques and demonstrate them in an applied manner with the […]