Camera Mount

By: Raja Dhiman


With our spider-bot fully assembled and testing in its final phase, the appearance of the spider-bot can now be addressed.  As stated in the features listed in our project overview, the spider will have cosmetic features that will make it stand out from the crowd. First, to give the spider a “sleek” look, the femurs, legs, and body plates will all be coated with black nail polish to give the spider a more appealing “shiny” finish. Next, all the hardware components, such as the ADK and servo drivers, will be placed on the bottom plate of the base to house and conceal all parts.  In addition, all 18 servos wires will be covered using black-twistable sleeves to eliminate any loose wires from being seen.


The second feature of the spider-bot will be to have an Android HTC Vivid smartphone equipped for the purpose of having functionality with the Arxterra control interface where the user will be able to control the spider via wireless connectivity from the convenience of their own home.  To mount the phone, the spider-bot will use the same phone mount used on Project Biped, with a few minor modifications customized specifically for the spider-bot due to its ability to rotate and tilt its body.


Phone-mount: 3-D printed

The phone-mount for the Android phone will be 3-D printed using PLA material.  Due to the limitations of the color selection, the bracket will be printed using orange PLA; but once finished, it will be spray-painted black to match the color scheme of the rest of the spider.


Initial Bracket

Figures 1 and 2 provide a view of the bracket and face-plate once after they have been 3-D printed and assembled.


Figure 1: Initial Bracket (side-view)


Figure 2: Initial Face-Plate (front-view)


Final Bracket

The final bracket was spray-painted black over the weekend so that the bracket could be fully assembled and mounted to the top-plate of the spider-bot as soon as possible. Figures 3 and 4 show the final product after spray-painting was completed on both the mount and face-plate.


Figure 3: Face-plate spray-painted black


Figure 4: Bracket spray-painted and assembled


Final Design with Bracket Mounted

The pan and tilt bracket have been installed and mounted on the front of the top-body plate and the phone will be attached to the face-plate using Velcro.  The choice of securing the mount on the front of the spider rather than the center was because the front will give the user of the spider-bot a better perspective of its whereabouts, which in result can help the user react more quickly to avoid any potential obstacles or imminent collisions. Figure 5 below shows the finished design of the spider with the phone-mount attached.


Figure 5: Final design with phone and bracket mounted