Chop Suey and Some Early Sketches

This week, all members of the Hexapod team have been very busy. The preliminary design review document was created. It contains an outline of the major aspects of the design. The document was prepared by Project Manager Ramon Luquin, and Systems Engineer Anh Do. The gait for the Hexapod has been chosen and should provide stability and speed. Having a gait for the Hexapod will allow for coding to begin and for the initial movements to be mapped out.

David Gonsalez, Computer and Control Engineer, has been developing a prototype for the Hexapod robot using chopsticks, polymorph and MG995 servos. The model promises to serve as an example of the mechanics for the Hexapod as well as the capabilities of the servos. David has also narrowed down our options for a battery pack.





Daniel Berg, Manufacturing Engineer, has been busy developing a SolidWorks model for our legs, body and arms. He has conducted stress tests and has recorded the differences in strength. With SolidWorks, Daniel calculated how much each leg can support using different shapes and materials. With the information we can start developing a plan to begin manufacturing some of the parts.