Creating Custom Commands With the Arxterra Application

By Tommy Sanchez

If you have read the previous tutorial on getting up and running with the control panel and applications, then you’re ready to learn how to create custom commands through the Arxterra application. These custom commands will allow you to expand the capabilities of your robot. In outline form this tutorial covers: creating a custom command, the command control panel interface, and implementation examples.  

Types of command options:

  • Boolean
  • Select
  • Byte
  • Unsigned Byte
  • Short
  • Unsigned Short
  • Heading/Separator

Each of these are covered in depth. Command types must have their own unique identifier called a Command ID. This ID can be chosen from a range of 0x40(64) to 0x5F(95). Command types also have 1 or 2 value bytes associated with the command. These bytes are used by the microcontroller to identify what instruction it’s receiving.

While you are walked through adding a command type you will also be able to see each command type’s interface on the control panel. To take it a step further once you know how to add a command and know how it appears on the control panel, you will be shown implementation examples for robots such as a Biped, Hexapod, and Rover. As a quick example, Boolean can be used as an On/Off switch for the legs of a Biped robot. How the data is sent over to the microcontroller in the form of a byte array is also covered.  The provided link below will take you to an easy to follow PowerPoint tutorial outlining these topics. Enjoy.

PowerPoint Tutorial: