Fritzing Diagram Training

By: Diane Kim (Division Manager of E&C Hardware)

Verified By: Jordan Smallwood (Pathfinder Project Manager)

Approved by: Miguel Garcia (Quality Assurance)


Fritzing is a program that allows easy PCB design. It allows the user to convert their design on breadboard to CAD files. On the breadboard view, there are parts that are commonly used such as Arduino boards, resistors, motor drivers, and Bluetooth modules. The breadboard view can also be converted into the schematic.


We spent one week on the training for the Fritzing program. We used the documentation from the EE400D website. One document focused more on the steps to use the program. It started from the working on the breadboard view. The documentation worked on creating a fritzing diagram for a motor driver and Bluetooth. Since I was new to the program as well as the division manager, I went over through the program first and created the diagram. I provided the documentation and walked through the process with the group. The assignment was graded as a homework.

Key Points

  • Make sure the wires and the connections are visible, curve the wires in order to do so.
  • If the exact components are available, the packages may be there, so it can be used as a replacement.
  • If no replacement, you can make your own components which are shown in the second document


The use of the Fritzing diagram for this class was mainly focused on presenting. It was used for showing what type of components and the connections between them and the microcontroller. The one thing that we could have worked on is making custom components within the Fritzing diagram, but we didn’t go over that because none of the teams needed to make custom components.


  1. Documents: under 6 and 8