Micro Rover 3D Printing Filament Trade-Off Study

By: Ahmed Abanumai (Manufacturing Engineer)

When it came to finally producing a physical model of our rover design, there were two types of filaments that could be utilized; ABS and PLA. Below is table showing the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Eventually, it was decided that PLA should be used for our 3D printing. I discussed with Manufacturing Division Manager Fernando Ayon as to where would be the best place to purchase the PLA. His recommendation was Micro Center in Tustin. The 3D printing would also be done by Fernando as he owned two 3D printers. In addition, Mike Pluma, an associate of Professor Gary Hill has also informed us that he had two 3D printers that he could use to make parts for us and the rest of the class (as long as he was given a minimum of one week’s notice).