Micro Rover Final Schedule

By: Rafi Koutoby (Project Manager)

Attached is the final schedule for team Micro Rover.







This is our second change to get our final schedule. The main cause of change was the late delivery of our 3D printed parts – the Manufacturing Division Manager was 2 – 3 weeks late in giving them to us. Not only that, but the parts themselves brittle and easily breakable. We had to consult Professor Gary Hill as to how proceed with only a few weeks remaining till the end of the semester. He suggested we ask Mike Pluma for help as he had some leftover PLA from previous semesters and had offered to print for the class. And thanks to him, we had a newly printed chassis, lock and key mechanism, and plate and clip mechanism.

We are over 90% complete with our project. As of now, what remains is demonstrating the final product to Professor Hill to end this semester.