Micro Rover Updated Budget

By: Rafi Koutoby (Project Manager)

As established in an earlier blog, the total budget assigned to project Micro Rover was (and is) $220. This budget was approved by both Vice President Raul Rodriguez and Professor Gary Hill.

Attached below is the table showing the total cost of all parts and/or components purchased and used for the project. The total cost includes taxes as well as shipping and handling. And since this project is to be funded by the electrical engineering department, the appropriate reimbursement forms were submitted and all team members received their share of the spent budget.

Budget Finale

In summary, out of the total budget of $220, we spent $197.81, meaning we have met our budget. It helped that a good number of the required parts were already owned by the team members or they were supplied to us by friends or acquaintances, such as a voltage regulator, female headers, and mounting components/hardware. It should be noted though that the cost of $35.20 for the custom PCB was not just for one board. Each PCB order from the vendor comes with a minimum of three boards.