Biped Generation #1

Micro BiPed Introduction

Mission Objective: The project mission is inspired by the BiPed designed by Jonathan Dowdall of Project Biped, completed in previous semesters of EE 400D. The goal is to scale down the BiPed design by changing standard servos to micro servos to yield the μBiPed, which will result in design changes to the robot. The robot […]

Biped Final Documentation

Project Manager: Alejandro Barajas Kevin Lam – Manufacturing (Manufacturing, PCB and mirror system design) Anson Chang – Controls (Electronics and Control, Software) Vivian Vu – Systems Engineering (Mission, Systems and Test)   Mission Objective: Team Project Biped will aesthetically replicate Jonathan Dowdall’s Biped robot for its inspiration design. Our final robot will feature human-like walking maneuvers […]

Biped Movement Control

By: Anson Chang(Computer and System Software) Objective: The most basic requirement for BiPed is to work correctly and walk stable. The way to design and to calibrate BiPed’s movements is use the software called RobotPoser by creating the action files. RobotPoser allows user to design BiPed’s movement frame by frame and test the frames by […]

Spring 2014 Biped Final Thoughts

By Kevin Huynh, Project Manager Tasks Complete: Alternative movement code to the one provided by projectbiped and robot poser. Alternate code includes statically stable forward walk, left turn, right turn, and obstacle avoidance code. Remote control of ROFIA through Arxterra. ROFIA can be commanded to stand up straight, walk forward, turn left, and turn right. Servo overcurrent […]

Biped Movement Codes

By Kevin Huynh, Project Manager / Computer Systems and Software Objective: This blog will focus on the ideas behind how the code from projectbiped and the code from Spring 2014 handle the animation playback for walking and turning. It will also go into the reason for the switch. ProjectBiped Code : The most recent code can be […]

Bipedal Robot Calibration

By: Sokleng Heng Purpose This document is focusing on how to calibrate ROFI and ROFIA. Both robots need to be calibrated before they can walk. Calibration must be done properly in order for the robots to walk, and often needs to be done several times in order to get it correct. All information about calibration […]

Biped Weekly Update 2

Testing This week, testing has been taking place comparing several part options under consideration for the robot’s design. The original servos that ROFI used were the Towerpro MG996R’s. The problem? Quality of these servos has become questionable, and many are sold as Towerpros but are actually branded as something else. A replacement servo, the Power […]

Biped Weekly Update 1

We have a name! Team Biped has decided to name our version of Jonathan Dowdall’s “ROFI”, “ROFIA” (Pronounced the same way you would pronounce the name Sofia). The acronym stands for “RObot FIve with  Arxterra” and shows our plan to integrate Arxterra’s control software as our robot’s payload. ROFIA  will include a redesigned head to […]