Spring 2016 AdBot Critical Design Review

The Rover should travel on level area, ramp area, and stair ways during the mission test. Critical Design Review By Dang Le, Project Manager Dang Le (Project Manager) Don Tran (System Engineer) Muhammad Ali Siddiqui (Electronic Engineer) Muhammad Maqbool (Manufacturing Engineer) Executive Summary Program Objective/Mission Profile Program Objective The project objective is to build a […]

Micro Rover Final Project Documentation

By: Rafi Koutoby (Project Manager) This is the final blog of team Micro Rover for Electrical Engineering 400D taught by Professor Gary Hill in the spring 2015 semester at California State University, Long Beach. Of all the projects being done this semester, we are the only team with the rover project and have high hopes […]

Micro Rover Updated Budget

By: Rafi Koutoby (Project Manager) As established in an earlier blog, the total budget assigned to project Micro Rover was (and is) $220. This budget was approved by both Vice President Raul Rodriguez and Professor Gary Hill. Attached below is the table showing the total cost of all parts and/or components purchased and used for […]

Micro Rover Final Schedule

By: Rafi Koutoby (Project Manager) Attached is the final schedule for team Micro Rover. This is our second change to get our final schedule. The main cause of change was the late delivery of our 3D printed parts – the Manufacturing Division Manager was 2 – 3 weeks late in giving them to us. Not […]

Micro Rover Final Testing

By: Sherman Xa (Mission, Systems, and Testing Engineer) As all parts were ready to be assembled, we started to do our final testing on our PCB, before assembling our chassis with it. Using our 7 rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries, we will hook them in series to gain roughly an 8.4 V, 850 mAh power supply. […]

Micro Rover Power Budget

By: Sherman Xa (Mission, Systems, and Testing Engineer) The purpose of this testing is to experiment the power consumption of each of the individual components of the Micro Rover, so the team is able decide on a valuable power supply that will fit the needs and requirements of the mission profile. Last semester, the Mini […]

Micro Rover Design Manufacturing

By: Ahmed Abanumai (Manufacturing Engineer) With the project nearly over and only assembly of the parts remaining after their manufacturing, it is time to compare what we designed on paper versus what we actually produced. When the semester started, our goal was to build a rover that took its inspiration from old World War tanks […]

Micro Rover Final Design and Dimensions

By: Ahmed Abanumai (Manufacturing Engineer) As a result of the new design, a new issue arose when we needed something to mount the servo for the mirror we were using for our vision system. For that, I designed a mirror base that would allow us to control the mirror via the servo. This would allow […]

Micro Rover 3D Printing Filament Trade-Off Study

By: Ahmed Abanumai (Manufacturing Engineer) When it came to finally producing a physical model of our rover design, there were two types of filaments that could be utilized; ABS and PLA. Below is table showing the advantages and disadvantages of each. Eventually, it was decided that PLA should be used for our 3D printing. I […]

Micro Rover PCB Manufacturing and Soldering

By: Eagled’Or Am (Electronics and Control Engineer) After researching several companies and discussing it with the Electronics and Control Division Manager, Muhammad Farooq, we decided to send our PCB to OSHPark.com for manufacturing. The total cost came out to be $35.20 for a total of three boards. The final dimensions of the board came out […]