Spring 2016 AdBot Critical Design Review

The Rover should travel on level area, ramp area, and stair ways during the mission test. Critical Design Review By Dang Le, Project Manager Dang Le (Project Manager) Don Tran (System Engineer) Muhammad Ali Siddiqui (Electronic Engineer) Muhammad Maqbool (Manufacturing Engineer) Executive Summary Program Objective/Mission Profile Program Objective The project objective is to build a […]

Rover Field Presentation Debriefing

By Maxwell Nguyen, Project Manager During the field presentation of the rover, spiderbot, and hexapod, all three groups were able to successfully launch their projects.  However, all three groups encountered a few similar problems that prevented the projects from completing the mission objective.  Level 1 Requirements: The height requirement of the rover was completed and […]

Solutions to Wi-Fi connection issue

Members: Vinh Khoa Ton: Biped team, Control & Image Processing Tien Dang: Hexapod, Communication Chau To: Hexapod, Computer systems & Software Mevan Fernando: 3D Bio Printer, Sensors, Actuators & Powertrain Robert Licari: Communication Objective by Vinh Khoa Ton: Hexapod team and Spiderbot team need to run their robots on a track field that does not […]

Wi-Fi Range Extender

By Chau To Introduction: Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi booster is a device that picks up a wireless signal and then rebroadcasts that signal. It acts as a second access point for other devices to connect to. The range of a typical Wi-Fi extender is around 300ft. Some expensive Wi-Fi boosters can achieve a range of […]

Smart Phone Hotspot

By Mevan Fernando and Robert Licari Introduction by Mevan Fernando Tethering is when a smartphone is turned into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and its 3G/4G data connection is shared. Once tethering is turned on in the smartphone, any device with a wireless connection can connect to the internet via the smartphone’s connection. Procedure by Mevan […]

Buy a Wi-Fi/4G access point

by Vinh Khoa Ton Introduction A Wi-Fi/4G access point is a location that provides users wireless network. Nowadays, most electronic devices are equipped with a wireless adapter (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, watch, etc.), the demand for wireless connection increases rapidly. The Wi-Fi hotspot could be found usually in public areas such as airports, post offices, […]

System/Subsystem Design

by Suhyun Kim System Block Diagram   The image above provides an overview of how each component is linked together within the rover.  Camera/Phone: From a remote location, using the Arxterra interface we will be able to communicate via the phone and camera.  The camera will provide an image to the Arxterra interface.  Through the […]

Detailed Cost

By Maxwell Nguyen and Anthony Vo The first link below provides the BOM for the standard RoSco as provided by Arxterra.  The second link sums the price of each part in order to provide a projected cost of the standard RoSco. Bill of Materials: Standard RoSco BOM Standard RoSco Cost: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpw4iobx1h1ova2/standard%20rosco%20bom.xlsx The link below is […]

Task Descriptions

by Maxwell Nguyen 1.      Trade off studies: 1 week Compare different motors and servos.  Determine which motor and servo will best meet our subsystem requirements.    2.      Test motor: 1 week Test/record current draw and RPM of motors at different voltages.    3.      Test Servo: 1 week Test/record current draw of servo depending on required […]

Test Plan

By Suhyun Kim and Robert Licari For our new design of Rover, we will do some tests such as electrical tests, software tests and functional tests. The electrical tests would be minor and basic tests, and software and functional tests would be main tests for our project. Electrical Tests:  1 week duration Electrical Tests will […]