Rover Team Servo Holder and Mirror

By Vinh Kim, 3D Modeling and Manufacturing Introduction: Using SolidWorks, the Rover project manager Maxwell had requested me to design him a servo and mirror holder.   Figure 1: Servo holder   Figure 2: Mirror   Figure 3: Servo holder and mirror with cell phone.

Height Requirement

By Maxwell Nguyen Along the designated course shared by the Rover, Spiderbot, and Hexapod, the most notable obstacle was a sprinkler head with the height of four inches.  The orginal Arxterra RoSco is design to travel primarily through flat surfaces and is not equipped to move over obstacles at such height.  In order to clear […]

Track Research

By Maxwell Nguyen, Project Manager  The rover team is researching new ideas for treads/tracks for the rover.  The current tread belt is one continuous belt that takes hours to print.  In addition, one small mistake could potential ruin the entire track and make it completely useless.  In order to fix this problem, we will be […]

Wheel Consideration

by Robert Licari and Anthony Vo We can take the wheels into consideration for the purpose of finding our desired velocity based upon our calculations. If our Wheel Diameter (D) is 45 mm, then we can conclude the Radius (R) is as follows: R= D/2 = 0.0225 m Now we require a velocity equation that […]

Power Consumption Theory

by Robert Licari and Anthony Vo Before we begin it is imperative to note that the power consumption equations calculated are heavily related to the amount of torque required to move the motors from rest to forward motion. In accordance with that idea, the following theory is calculated considering the worst power conservation possible. By […]

Subsystem Requirements: Power Budget

by Robert Licari and Anthony Vo Power supply of the Rover: Rover must provide sufficient power to clear the course of 50m. To ensure that the rover is able to complete its mission in a timely fashion, the rover’s load cannot exceed 6.72 Wh. For this to be true, we must consider how much power […]

Motor Trade-off Study

By Anthony Vo In order to decide which motor will meet our level 1 and subsystem requirements, it is important to conduct a trade-off study of several motors.  The goal of the trade-off study is to compare and contrast the RPM, current draw, torque, and cost of each motor.  From the trade-off study, we will […]

Mirror Study

By Maxwell Nguyen In order to eliminate the need for larger servos, the rover team will be implementing mirrors to provide vision for the rover.  As compared to lifting a phone, the torque and power require to lift a mirror is substantially less. Objective: The objective of this study is to examine whether a mirror […]

Rover Level 1 Requirements

By Maxwell Nguyen Level 1 Requirements: Our top mission requirements are derived from the specifications of the standard Arxterra Rosco.  The requirements will include speed, power consumption, cost, and time. Speed: Our rover is expected to move at a speed of 0.200277 m/s.  This is calculated using the standard wheel diameter of 45mm and RPM […]

Spring 2014 Rover Introduction

By Maxwell Nguyen This new semester brings along a brand new team with inventive and innovative minds. The rover team will be aiming to create a brand new and improved design for the RoSco Rover. The Rover Team includes: Maxwell Nguyen – Project Manager Robert Licari – Communications Anthony Vo – Sensors, Actuator, Powertrain Suhyun […]