UFO Generation #1

Final Project Progress Report

By: Anne Stapleton Executive Summary Project UFO is a wireless flying machine that is propelled by ducted fans rather than propellers. The flying machine is required to be a hexacopter, which means the machine uses six ducted fans. The UFO will be controlled by a user through usage of a wireless controller. The user will […]

Final Controls Update

By: Carlen Walth Final Results All the ducted fans, speed controllers, and other hardware were moved over from the prototype to the final version of the UFO, created by Grey Mouser. In order to keep the direction of the ducted fans rotating correctly, the wiring between the ESCs and the ducted fans needed to be […]

Program, Project, System and Subsystem Requirements

By: Anne Stapleton and Mynor Perez Program Requirements Design and build an object to fly around ECS-317 and safely land in the instructor’s hand. Project cost shall remain under $700. The object must be built by December 9th, 2013.

Building the Wireless Controller

By: Mynor Perez We will be implementing a wireless controller to control the UFO during flight. This controller will communicate with the UFO via an XBee wireless controller. The XBee will send the actions done from the controller (moving up, down, side to side) to the UFO’s microcontroller, which will then instruct the EDF’s to […]

Final Manufacturing is Complete!

By: Grey Mouser The major manufacturing is complete! The top was vacuum-formed using the process below and shell has been attached to the carbon fiber base using Gorilla Glue. The top was not able to have much more of a dome shape due to the way the fans are implemented into the design. Building the […]

System Block Diagram & Electrical Schematic

System Block Diagram By: Anne Stapleton Below is the system block diagram of the UFO. It is organized into levels; the second level is the system level and the third level is the subsystem level. The arrows show the relationships between each component.

Prototype Testing Results

By: Carlen Walth MATERIALS LiPo battery, ducted fans (6), Arduino IDE Software, PC, Arduino Microcontroller, electronic speed controllers (6), SPST switch (>10 Amps), Hookup wire, prototype jig, fishing line, silicon/hot glue. INTRODUCTION Test A: Rotational Evaluation This test determines exactly how much rotational velocity the UFO develops in a non-standard configuration. Based on our previous […]

Manufacturing Update

By: Grey Mouser This blog is a follow-up post to the original manufacturing blog post, located here. The carbon fiber base is cut out and will be molded together tomorrow. The top will also be vacuum-formed tomorrow. The base was used as a template for the top so that the two line up perfectly for […]

Houston… We have a Prototype!

By: Carlen Walth The UFO prototype is underway. So far, we have are in the process of testing the prototype to see if the UFO does what we want it to do when the fans are running. In order to get all the fans to behave properly, all 6 ESCs need to be programmed with […]

Reverse Bias Test Results

By: Carlen Walth The objective of the reverse-bias test is to determine the thrust capabilities when the fans are rotating in the counter-clockwise direction. This will determine the consistency of counter-clockwise and clockwise fan direction.