UFO Generation #3


by Shamir Mohideen (Project Manager)   We were able to completed most of out assignments on time however after completion we had some issues such as the 30A ESC stopped functioning correctly which caused some set backs. We did not have enough time to complete the bluetooth controller for the quadcopter however we did establish […]

UFO Final Documentation

By Shamir Mohideen (Project Manager) Mission Objective Design a ducted fan quad-copter to take flight above 8 feet high and be able to control it wirelessly.  Level 1 Requirements Design and build a ducted fan quad-copter that will fly at a minimum elevation of 8 feet utilizing a carbon fiber body and four ducted fans […]

Power and Mass Report

By Shamir Mohideen (Project Manager) Mass Report Component Weight (g) Measured Weight (g) ESC (4) 25 X 4 = 100 102 Lipo Battery (2) 2X 192 = 384 388 Ducted Fans 93 X 4 = 372 376 UFO Housing 250 250 LED 9 8.75 Multiwii328P 8 9 Power Distribution Board 8 8 Total 1122 1141.75 […]


By Anthony Jackson (Power Engineer) Battery The maximum current draw of each motor is 27A. The overall maximum current draw of the 4 motors will be 108A. Using the following equations we are able to calculate the maximum current a battery can supply Max current = capacity * C-Rating Flight time at maximum amperage would […]

UFO Wiring Schematics and System Block Diagram

By Shamir Mohideen (Project Manager)   System Block Diagram   Overall Schematic   Bluetooth Schematic   The L, M and R indicate the left, middle and right PINs of the Multiwii 328p board   Receiver Schematic

ESC Current Draw Test

By: Nathan Winter (System Test Engineer) Introduction We calculated the current draw of our EDFs so we can get a better estimate of our overall power budget. Procedure The circuit is very simple. We used a multiwii 328P to control the signal to the ESC. We placed a multimeter in series with the positive ends […]

Electric Ducted Fans

by Nathan Winter An electric ducted fan (EDF), is a type of shrouded-rotor configuration used in Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) to increase safety and performance when compared to open-rotor configurations. The duct increases safety by creating an enclosure for the fan, which decreases damage to the propellers during a mishap. The ducts also reduce the […]

EDF Thrust Test

By: Nathan Winter (System Test Engineer) The thrust for each EDF was calculated by building a simple test platform that has an EDF mounted to it, facing downward. The base of our platform is flat for an equal weight distribution on a scale. We put the platform and EDF on a scale and zeroed the […]

Dr. Mad 50 mm 10 Blade EDFs

By: Nathan Winter (System Test Engineer) Input Voltage: 4S 14.8V lipoly Weight: 93g with 2mm bullet connectors Motor: 20-40 Brushless Inrunner 3300kv Specification Theoritical Value Measured Value EDF EDF 1 EDF 2 EDF 3 EDF 4 Rotor Diameter 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm Outer Diameter 53 mm 53 mm 53 mm 53 mm 53 mm […]

Win GUI for Multiwii 328P

by Shamir Mohideen (Project Manager) The Win GUI is a Java program that interfaces with the Multiwii 328p so we can configure via USB or Bluetooth. Please see out wiring Diagram Blog for Bluetooth to connect via Bluetooth Setup Connect the Multiwii via USB or Bluetooth Click the correct COM Port. This can be verified […]