SpiderBot Generation #3

Loss of Link

By: Louis White, Systems and Tests As Systems Engineer of Team Spiderbot, it was my task to address the “Loss of Link” issue with the Internet connection surrounding our designated course. In the past students have experienced trouble uploading the program at the site of the course. It is located outdoors near the CSULB Foundation […]

Arxterra Telemetry Command Verification

By Louis White, Systems Engineer Here I will be performing a short verification test to ensure that our command code has been properly implemented into Arxterra and is working correctly. To accomplish this we will light the internal LED located on the Arduino pin 13 by sending a move command from Arxterra.  Using the variable […]

Verification Test Document

By Louis White, Systems Engineer  Height Clearance In order to ensure all requirements were being met or at least attempted, I setup a few simple verification tests. For the first test, we wanted to be sure our Spiderbot could clear the tallest obstacle in the course, which was a sprinkler head 4 inches tall and […]

SpiderBot Spring 2015 Movie

By Andrew Yem,     Manufacturing, PCB Design By Chi Mak,     Electronics Hello Everyone! Since the final demonstration of all the projects has been completed for this Spring 2015 semester, here is the SpiderBot movie from the 2015 team. By clicking the following link it will take you to the video that can […]

All Together Now: Final Assembly Complete

By: Andrew Yem, Manufacturing and 3D Modeling               After producing the first PBC for the TLC5940s, there was still a mess of wire to connect all of the pins to the wires. A switch was also added after a little mishap with polarity of the battery which fried the TLCs. The pan and tilt […]

Nickel-Metal Hydride-NiMH

By Carlos Espinoza,    Project Manager By Abdul Alali,     Electronics When it came to choosing the batteries for our project, many options were available which is why we will list the pros and cons of the battery options. Lithium Polymer battery: the advantages of the Lipo battery are the following: it has very […]

Spiderbot Arxterra Demonstration

By: Andrew Yem, Manufacturing and 3D Modeling After working with RC mode, the transition to community mode was very easy and require no extra code. A video of the spiderbot working in community mode is linked below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FAiUbrbS4A

PCB Fabrication!

Starring: Andrew Yem, Chris (Chi) Mak, and Dickson Yuen Written by Chris (Chi) Mak and Dickson Yuen   Introduction: Part of our Mission Requirement for EE 400D is to create PCB board for our project. Homemade copper clad PCB are the most cost efficient way for our PCB design. For our SpiderBot Project, we use […]

Critical Design Review

By Carlos Espinoza – Project Manager By Andrew Yem – Manufacturing By Chi Mak – Electronics By Abdul Alali – Electronics By Louis White – Systems Test In our Critical Design Review, we presented all the work, research and documentation we introduced originally in the PDR presentation, but the uncertain values were now replaced  by […]

Preliminary Design Review

By Carlos Espinoza – Project Manager By Chi Mak – Electronics By Andrew Yem – Manufacturing By Louis White – Systems Test Here is a our Preliminary Design Review, which basically explains the design process as an iterative process. It identifies the areas of our project where our uncertainties were located, as well as the […]