Design and Manufacturing Resources

AT-ST Resource Reports (Mass, Power, and Cost)

By Joseph Cho (Mission, Systems, and Testing) Introduction The resource report contains three parts: Mass report, power report, and cost report). These reports will be covering the resources’ mass, power, and cost. An estimate of the total mass will be shown on the mass report. For power report, the current values were taken from previous […]

Solidworks Breakout Session 4

In our final breakout session, we will further cover mating objects, material appearance for add realism in 3D modeling/assemblies and some basic techniques for measuring objects.   Advanced Motion Study Solid body contact is an alternative to hinged or mated objects for two reasons; the contact feature does not maintain an ideal relationship between to […]

Solidworks Modeling Breakout Session 3

Please find the notes from the third Solidworks breakout session below. solidworks manual3

Solidworks Modeling Breakout Session 2

  This solidworks session features techniques for creating shapes, and removing shapes within a design. It also covers alternative techniques and methods for modeling,  and the benefits of one method versus another. What’s nice about this breakout session is that we’re able to take these techniques and demonstrate them in an applied manner with the […]

Solidworks Modeling BreakOut Session 1

Please find the notes from our first Solidworks breakout session attached.   Solidworks Breakout