Electronics and Control Resources

Getting Started with Arxterra

The Arxterra suite has the ability to operate in three modes: Autonomous, Remote Control (RC) and Community modes. No Bluetooth connectivity is needed to operate the 3DoT in autonomous mode. Simply program as you would an Arduino using a micro USB cable. The “Light Dimmer” lab was an example of programming the 3DoT board as […]

3Dot Advanced Lab

In the “Blink” example the frequency at which the LED blinked was controlled by the calls to the delay function. In this lab a potentiometer is used to increase and decrease the duty cycle of an external LED. Concepts introduced in this lab include wiring an external circuit to the 3DoT I2C connector, plus Arduino […]

Getting Started with 3DoT – Initial Arduino Setup

Arduino, first and foremost, is an open‐source computer hardware and software company. The Arduino Community refers to the project and user community that designs and utilizes microcontroller‐based development boards. The 3DoT board emulates the LilyPad USB Pro. Both boards are based on ATmega32U4, operate at 3.3v at a clock frequency of 8 MHz.

Eagle CAD Training

Written By: Muhannad Al Mohamed (E&C DM) Objective This blog is intended to introduce Eagle CAD designing application to members to be able to design schematics for electronic circuits. The members of the E&C division are required to know how to make schematics of customed printed circuit boards (PCB) for their corresponding projects. These schematics can be […]

Eagle Cad Lecture series

Written by Charles Banuelos MFG DM Written 11/2/2017 The division has finished learning Eagle Cad. The first of the two tutorials covered moving of components in eagle cad along with switching to the PCB layout so that they may start to build. The second tutorial covered how to create traces and nets on the PCB. The […]

Lear the basics on how to: Post to Github, Download from Github, and Upload Code to Arduino

By Tommy Sanchez Typically instructions on posting repositories to Github can be a little confusing, the tutorial below can be used as a guide to hopefully get you posting quickly and without the confusion. The tutorial also shows how to go about downloading a Github file from any public repository. It’s useful to understand how […]

Understanding the Communication between Your Arduino and Android Phone

By Tommy Sanchez This guide will help you start communicating between your robot and an android phone. The topics covered are: how to connect your phone to the Arduino, the communication from phone to Arduino for commands for your robot, and communication from the Arduino to the phone for telemetry.  Make sure to view the […]

Get Up and Running With the Arxterra Control Panel & Android Applications

By Tommy Sanchez If you are interested in controlling your robot with the Arxterra control panel, you have come to the right place. For your robot to be controlled through the control panel, you will need to have an Android phone for communication with your Arduino. This guide will show you how to create an […]