Mission, Systems and Test Resources

AT-ST Mass Report

By Joseph Cho (Mission, Systems, and Testing) Introduction Mass of the AT-ST will be estimated with this blog post. Using the mass resource report as a baseline for the calculations for the expected mass. Mass resource report   Mass Report Resource Expected weight (g) Measured weight (g) Uncertainty Margin (g) Source Link 3DoT Board 15.00 […]

Getting Started with Arxterra

The Arxterra suite has the ability to operate in three modes: Autonomous, Remote Control (RC) and Community modes. No Bluetooth connectivity is needed to operate the 3DoT in autonomous mode. Simply program as you would an Arduino using a micro USB cable. The “Light Dimmer” lab was an example of programming the 3DoT board as […]

AT-ST Verification Test Plan

By Joseph Cho (Mission, Systems, and Testing) Introduction Verification test plan is used to verify our L1 and L2 requirements through analysis, inspection, demonstration, and/or testing. The L1 and L2 requirements are listed in the spreadsheet below. The test plans will be generated from the spreadsheet. Few of L1 and L2 requirements have been reworded […]

Arxterra 3DoT Training Telerobotic Mode

Written by Nornubari Kanabolo MST DM and Muhannad Al Mohamed E&C DM Arxterra Client-Server “Community” Mode Training for telerobotic mode included understanding how “Community Mode”works. This can seen by the diagram below Community mode is communication between several parts of the Arxterra environment. This includes between the ArxRobot mobile app and Arxterra Control panel through a server […]

Training on Arxterra 3DoT App RC Mode

Written By: Muhannad Al Mohamed (E&C DM) Objective The Arxterra 3DoT App training had a goal of teaching E&C and MST members how to use their phones to communicate with their projects through Remote Control Mode. The ArxRobot Application has two different modes of communication with the Robot’s Microcontroller. The Remote Control Mode (covered in this […]

Understanding the Communication between Your Arduino and Android Phone

By Tommy Sanchez This guide will help you start communicating between your robot and an android phone. The topics covered are: how to connect your phone to the Arduino, the communication from phone to Arduino for commands for your robot, and communication from the Arduino to the phone for telemetry.  Make sure to view the […]

Creating Custom Commands With the Arxterra Application

By Tommy Sanchez If you have read the previous tutorial on getting up and running with the control panel and applications, then you’re ready to learn how to create custom commands through the Arxterra application. These custom commands will allow you to expand the capabilities of your robot. In outline form this tutorial covers: creating […]

Get Up and Running With the Arxterra Control Panel & Android Applications

By Tommy Sanchez If you are interested in controlling your robot with the Arxterra control panel, you have come to the right place. For your robot to be controlled through the control panel, you will need to have an Android phone for communication with your Arduino. This guide will show you how to create an […]