Requirements: Promotional Video on the Engineering Method

The objective of the video is to provide a fun and positive overview of the engineering method and project. The video may be used for promoting the electrical engineering department to the college and outside world (e.g. as a recruiting tool).

1. Reference Video: You can view previous videos here.
2. Time: Approximately 2 minutes
3. Music: Non-copyrighted instrumental track. Here is a good source of non-copyrighted material
4. Voice Over: Optional but recommended
5. Video: Please do not use copyrighted material (e.g. clips from movies)
6. End Credits: Second to last clip should thank our sponsors (for example: 4PCB and Arxterra) including by name and corporate logo. The final clip must always show CSULB Emblem and give credit to the COE/EE department.
7. Do not enable commercials on your YouTube videos. Here is a tutorial on how to “Turn Off Ads on YouTube Videos.


  • Points will be deducted if the video is not turned in on time and above instructions are not followed.
  • Do not forget to illustrate the Engineering Method through your Project Video with voice over and/or text overlays.
  • Please provide in your accompanying email, who participated in the creation of the video and to what extent
  • Extra credit may be provided based on outstanding creativity, demonstration of the engineering method and production value.