RoSco Fall 2015 Prototyping and Design

By Gary Fong (Project Manager/Manufacturing)

For our prototype, we put together some parts to simulate the lifting function because we did not have our 3D printed treads and wheels. Using moldable plastic, duct tape, tinker toys, and hard styrofoam, we put together a prototype. Here is a video of our rover prototype and here.


After the initial prototype, we finally were able to get our 3D parts, which we used acetone vapor smoothing on. I consider this our first actual prototype.

IMG_1252 IMG_1250 IMG_1251 IMG_1395 IMG_1254 IMG_1253



A tip for the next semester is to have at least 2-3 prototypes completed before the final project. This may seem a bit daunting, but to have a successful product, these are necessary. By the end of the semester, the final product may just be the 1st prototype that is developed, which is bad. Another tip is to have a reliable source for 3D printing, CNC machining, etc.