Rosco (RObot SCOut)

In order for people all over the world to develop their own telerobotic communities. Arxterra has introduced a low-cost, open source rover, Rosco.  Rosco is 3d printable and all plans are available on this website to encourage redesign and modification. We want you to make Rosco into the rover your telerobotic community demands.

To begin building Rosco, click here.

Rosco News

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Rosco Projects

System/Subsystem Design

By Gary Fong (PCB Design and Manufacturing) Battery In order to complete the course, as defined in our level 1 requirement, we have to calculate the distance that the rover will travel. According to the measurements provided by the customer in the following diagram, we did a back of the envelope calculation to see our […]

Design Innovation

Figure 2. Design Innovation By Will McKinney (Control and Image Processing)   The goal of this Rover is to simulate a Military soldier crawling under a barbed wire course. This course provided an  obstacle of a sprinkler head that the Rover will have to overcome with a creative design solution. A technique that we used […]

(RoSco) Preliminary Design Document

EE400D Robot Scout Rover (RoSco)   Project Team: Todd Cook (Project Manager) Gary Fong(PCB Design and Manufacturing ) Youssef Al-Shanti(Computer Systems and Software ) Will McKinney (Control and Image Processing )   Table of Contents: 1. Mission Objective 2. Requirements and Verifications       a. Program/Project – Level 1 Requirements       b. Systems/Subsystem – Level 2 […]

Robot Scout Rover (Rosco) Level 1 Requirements

By Todd Cook (Project Manager) Team: Todd Cook (Project Manager) Gary Fong(PCB Design and Manufacturing ) Youssef Al-Shanti(Computer Systems and Software ) Will McKinney (Control and Image Processing )   Source Materials: Project RoSco: Project Objectives and Requirements, Level 1Requirements, November 11, 2014 Micro Rover Objectives & Requirements, Level 1 Requirements, April 16, 2015 RoSco: […]

Riverside Robot Expo 2013

Riverside Robot expo was awesome this year. Ran into some familiar faces and reconnected with some other maker groups. Vocademy is opening a Riverside Makerspace space in the area and we can’t wait to see what they start to offer. Thank you the the Riverside Robotics Society for putting this on.

Northern California Maker Faire Tour!

We had a blast at all the Faires. It was Santa Rosa’s first shot at it and the people where great! East Bay Maker Faire was as expected from the people who bring you the larger Bay Area Maker Faire. We couldn’t leave our booths for either event! All in all a good trip. We […]

Rosco Models on Thingiverse

Models for Rosco have been published on thingiverse and are waiting to be printed and built! Download Rosco today and start building your own telepresence robot tomorrow! Rosco Thingiverse Models

Arxterra Minimaker Faire Tour 2013

  Good News Northern California! Arxterra is packing up Rosco and taking the show on the road in October for two special events near you.   First off is the Santa Rosa MiniMaker Faire on October 19th at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa. This event is being held in conjunction with the […]

Rosco and Pathfinder Arduino Code Versions Available

Arxterra has released the current beta versions of Arduino code for our telerobotics plaform. The Rosco Code utilizes and Arduino uno and android OS 3.0 and higher. For those of you with Android phones OS 2.3 and higher we suggest you take a look at the pathfinder Arduino code, which can be used in conjunction […]

OC Interactive Meetup

Arxterra was on hand at the OC Interactive Group giving a presentation on Arduino Flash Based Control! Of course Rosco was on hand for a quick demo! Thanks to our own Jeff Gomes for setting everything up. More info on OC Interactive can be found at: