Rosco (RObot SCOut)

In order for people all over the world to develop their own telerobotic communities. Arxterra has introduced a low-cost, open source rover, Rosco.  Rosco is 3d printable and all plans are available on this website to encourage redesign and modification. We want you to make Rosco into the rover your telerobotic community demands.

To begin building Rosco, click here.

Rosco News

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Rosco Projects

Rosco b1.0v Documentation

Here’s a preview of the Rosco b1.0v Documentation. This is still a work in progress but a good place to start getting some details on the project. 3d models will be posted soon!!!!   Also here’s a helpful spreadsheet (Bill of Materials) with links to vendors b1.0_build_instructions b1.0_BOM1

Arduino Enthusiast Meeting

Rosco and Pathfinder were on display at the monthly LA Arduino Enthusiast Meeting. Great turnout and interesting people from all backgrounds. If you’re in the area and love Arduino, a great meeting to check out! People of all ages and backgrounds! For more information on LA Arduino Enthusiasts go to:

Rosco at the OC mini Maker Faire

Rosco had a great time at the OC mini Maker Faire last weekend and is eager to go to more! If you are organizing a Faire or just want us to come out demo our bot or speak to your club or class please contact us!

Rosco in the OC Register!

The OC register had a journalist on the scene of the OC mini maker Faire and Rosco made it into the video (59 second mark). No mention but definitely could of won “Best in Show”!

Rosco Rover 3D Models on Thingiverse!

Here is our classroom rover for learning the basics and indoor fun! Rosco Rover 3D Models