Solidworks Breakout Session 4

In our final breakout session, we will further cover mating objects, material appearance for add realism in 3D modeling/assemblies and some basic techniques for measuring objects.


Advanced Motion Study

Solid body contact is an alternative to hinged or mated objects for two reasons; the contact feature does not maintain an ideal relationship between to objects i.e. if one object enclosed another and it is larger than the object it is containing the smaller object inside will wobble around with movement.  Two, objects are reactive of forces from each other and from gravity with a dampened movement. 

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Stress Analysis on Parts and Factor Of Safety Explained

Stress analysis allows the design engineer to observe how a part will react to stress. It is especially useful when fabricating parts that will be subject to constant friction or force.

Factor of safety is the measure of how a part will react to a given force.

 It falls within three regions:

  • Less than 1: the part has failed in this region
  • Equal to 1: the part is beginning to fail in this region
  • Greater than 1: the part is safe and will not fail in this region

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Assemblies and Part Appearance

In our last session, we showed how we could take multiple parts, and assemble them together to form an assembly.

Assemblies are important because they allow a 3D representation to be made of your entire system; which allows for better understanding of the design, manufacturing and assembly process.

An example being the need to explore whether or not a part needs to be manufactured or if it could be bought from existing raw materials and modified to meet a purpose. A design concept integrated into an assembly will allow for better understanding between high level project managers and technical engineers to meet their common goal.

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Find the full details and how to perform these task in the Solidworks Manual here:

Solidworks manual 4


Find Part files to experiment on your own here:

Manual 4 Parts