Solutions to Wi-Fi connection issue

Vinh Khoa Ton: Biped team, Control & Image Processing
Tien Dang: Hexapod, Communication

Chau To: Hexapod, Computer systems & Software
Mevan Fernando: 3D Bio Printer, Sensors, Actuators & Powertrain
Robert Licari: Communication

Objective by Vinh Khoa Ton:

Hexapod team and Spiderbot team need to run their robots on a track field that does not support internet connection. Our team’s goal is to find a way for them to get access to the Wi-Fi connection so they could control their robots remotely using Arxterra control panel. The solution should have minimum cost. The internet connection should be stable (no disconnection or lost signal) with enough bandwidth for at least two mobile phones and two laptops, and the range of Wi-Fi is enough to cover the track field.

Some considered solutions

Wi-Fi Antenna by Tien Dang

Wi-Fi Range Extender by Chau To

Buy a Wi-Fi/4G access point by Vinh Khoa Ton

Main solution – Smart Phone Hotspot by Mevan Fernando and Robert Licari

Conclusion by Robert Licari

In simplest words, the best and easiest WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) that can be produced in our testing grounds is the smartphone hotspot capability that is virtually a company standard. In an area that demands the use of a Wi-Fi connection in this manner, we have verified that this solution covers our requirements of speed, cost, bandwidth, and range.