Spring 2016 Pathfinder: System Block Diagram & Interface Matrix


Xiong Lee (Missions, Systems and Test)


System Block Diagram



The picture above shows a block diagram of our pathfinder. These are the hardware that we are using to run our pathfinder. From this diagram, it shows how many pins we are allocating for each hardware. For example, we are using TX, RX, 5v, and Gnd for the bluetooth module (HC-06) that we are using. This shows each component we are using and what pins should be allocated to those specific component.

Here is a basic walkthrough of our project. We are using the arduino mega and we have the bluetooth module (HC-06) connected to the pins TX2, RX2, 5v, and Gnd. The arxterra app is then connected to the Google tango via wi-fi and the tango is connected to HC-06 via bluetooth. The next component we have is the LED’s. We allocated 2 pins total for these two LED. On top of our arduino is our motor shield. It is connected to 8 digital pins and 2 analog pins. The next thing connected to our arduino is the servo driver. We have allocated pin 21 and 20 for the servo driver. Through the servo driver, our pan and tilt servo is connected on it. On the side, we have our solar panel and battery connected to the charge controller and then the charge controller is connected to the motor shield and buck regulator. The buck regulator (step down voltage regulator) is then connected to the servo driver.

For more in depth view on which pins are used on the arduino, look at the interface definition table below.

Interface Matrix

2 3




These diagrams are our system block and interface diagrams. The only concluding though I have is to make these diagrams readable and easy for the eye during the presentation. This was one of the problems many groups had this semester. Other than that, the other groups also had good diagrams. If you need more references as to how you should do these diagrams, look at the other groups too.

Source Materials

  1. The VHN5019 Motor shield                                                                              https://www.pololu.com/product/2502                                                                 https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J49/3.c
  2. The PCA9685 Servo driver                                                                                            https://www.adafruit.com/product/815