Task Descriptions

by Maxwell Nguyen

  • 1.      Trade off studies: 1 week

Compare different motors and servos.  Determine which motor and servo will best meet our subsystem requirements.


 2.      Test motor: 1 week
Test/record current draw and RPM of motors at different voltages.


 3.      Test Servo: 1 week
Test/record current draw of servo depending on required torque.  The required torque will be simulated by lifting an object.  Verify torque load of servo.

 4.      Mirror Study: 1 week
Test mirror functionality with phone camera.  Record a video with mirror in place at different angles.

 5.      Battery test: 1 week
Measure/record current and capacity of the battery.

 6.      H-Bridge Study1 week
Research and report the functionality and purpose of an H-bridge.  The new Adafruit Motor Shield comes with an H-bridge on board.  Research will be done on how to implement the H-bridge into the rover design.

 7.      Program testing:  1 weeks
Learn and write up a program to test servos and motor shield.  Coding will most likely be done in C++.

 8.      Motor shield test 1 week
Confirm that the motor shield is working properly by testing injunction with motors and servos.

 9.      Track research 2 weeks
New track design will be based on tank treads.  The goal will be to design tracks that can be printed as separate individual pieces.  The pieces will be able to attach to each other to create a single belt.

10.     Phone to Arxterra test:  1 week
Download and install Arxterra app onto the teams dedicated Samsung Galaxy S3.  Confirm that the phone can communicate to Arxterra and provide and image via phone camera.

11.     Arxterra to Arduino test:  1 week
Confirm that the Arxterra is communicating to the Arduino Uno.  Confirm that the Arxterra user interface can relay signals to the Arduino and Motor shield.

12.     Remodel Head:  2 weeks
Design a new head that will support the phone and allow for panning and mirror tilting.

13.     Print parts:  3 weeks
Send orders to manufacturing division to get parts printed

14.     Assemble Rover 1 week
Rover and track assembly will be done.  Some sanding and reshaping may be required if parts do not fit together.

15.      Conduct Test Plan: 2 weeks
Test and verify that rover can achieve the requirements laid out in the test plan.