Verification of Budget Requirements

By Shiela Caridad : ATECHTOP Mission and Systems Engineer

Testing completed by Robyn Goss : ATECHTOP Project Manager


The objective of this verification is to ensure that ATECHTOP group members have met all requirements in regards to budget and limitations on component acquisition.


  1. Group members must submit any and all receipts for purchases pertaining to this project to the appropriate folder on the Google Drive or to the project manager.
  2. The project manager will check that all purchases were made within the United States by checking the origin of the receipts. Note all findings in the appropriate data sheet.
  3. The project manager will calculate the total cost of all sensors and materials for the project. Note this total on the appropriate data sheet.
  4. The project manager will divide the total cost of the project by the number of team members. Note this total on the appropriate data sheet.

The results of this verification will ensure compliance with the following requirements:

  • Project Level 1 Requirement #6: Cost must be limited to $100 per project member.
  • Project Level 2 Requirement #1: In order for the project to stay with budget and meet deadline requirements, no purchases may be made for items outside of the United States.
  • Project Level 2 Requirement #2: Purchases cannot be made for sensors which need to be manufactured before shipping in order to meet deadline requirements.
  • Project Level 2 Requirement #10: In order for the project to stay within budget and deadline requirements, a shield for sensors to communicate with the Arduino will be custom-designed by group members.

NOTE:  These requirements are as stated within the Final Documentation.

Component Acquisition and Budget Data Sheet

Name: Robyn Goss Date: 05/07/2015

Component Place of Acquisition Cost (including tax)
Arduino Lilypad (US shipment) 46.07
MPU-6050 Accelerometer Amazon (US shipment) 6.11
Temperature Sensor JK Electronics 3.95
Pulse Oximeter JK Electronics 6.84
Pulse Sensor Amped Sparkfun (US shipment) 29.04
LiFePO4 Battery (US shipment) 22.35
HC-06 Bluetooth Module (US shipment) 9.99
Custom PCB OSH Park (US shipment) 16.05
Body Harness Amazon (US shipment) 7.99
Lycra/Spandex Clothing Joanne Fabrics 7.95
Total Cost 156.34
# of Team Members 4
Cost to Each Member 39.09

In conclusion, the budget requirements were met and exceeded expectations. No purchases were made outside of the United States, which allowed for ease in maintaining costs and time requirements as well.