Verification: Requirement 1.1 – Stable Flight

Posted by: Luis Valdivia (Project Manager)
Written by: Anthony Becerril (Mission, Systems, and Test Engineer)


Following the Verification and Validation Matrices, this post follows the level 1 requirement 1.1 – Stable Flight. This also satisfies its corresponding level 2 requirements if applicable.


To meet the requirement our quadcopter was to do the following: maintain stable flight for at least seven seconds with a tolerance of 0.2 seconds. This also includes meeting level 2 requirements of having the proper weight, having minor to no yaw rotation and having completed the flight at the nearby park following our mission profile. Our best test was completed at a time of 6.141 seconds of stable flight time which was great progress but failing our requirement. Supporting documentation is provided below and we have completed and failed this requirement.


Best Flight Video


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