Verification: Requirement 1.4 – Project Budget

Posted by: Luis Valdivia (Project Manager)
Written by: Anthony Becerril (Mission, Systems, and Test Engineer)


Following the Verification and Validation Matrices, this post follows the level 1 requirement 1.4 – project budget remaining below provided funds. This also satisfies its corresponding level 2 requirements if applicable.
To meet the requirement, we had to finalize and approve a budget that was at most or less than the provided funding which was $167 U.S. Dollars. The budget was updated via our resource reports, specifically the project budget. A reimbursement form was created and provided receipts. This was approved by the customer and forwarded to the College of Engineering Electrical Engineering Department to finalize the process. Supporting documentation is provided below and we have completed and passed this requirement.



Figure 1.1 Receipt of hobby people purchase (battery and safety bag)


Figure 1.2 Online receipt of purchase (two Electric Ducted Fans)

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