Verification: Requirement 1.5 – Lightshow

Posted by: Luis Valdivia (Project Manager)
Written by: Anthony Becerril (Mission, Systems, and Test Engineer)


Following the Verification and Validation Matrices, this post follows the level 1 requirement 1.5 – designing and implementing a lightshow to display at least 3 unique patterns. This also satisfies its corresponding level 2 requirements if applicable.


To meet the requirement, the use of the NeoPixel LED Ring had to be implemented into the quadcopter and designed to properly work through the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and display at least 3 unique patterns. Following the previous post on the lightshow,  The lightshow properly works and has been emulated successfully. Next, through use of our PCB, the LED ring is to be powered and programmed to display the lightshow. The PCB was unable to produce the light show emulated before due to the problems of going through I2C. Supporting documentation is provided below and we have completed and failed this requirement.


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