Verification: Requirement 1.6 – Wireless Communication

Posted by: Luis Valdivia (Project Manager)
Written by: Anthony Becerril (Mission, Systems, and Test Engineer)


Following the Verification and Validation Matrices, this post follows the level 1 requirement 1.6 – wireless communication of at least 10 feet. This also satisfies its corresponding level 2 requirements if applicable.


To meet the requirement the test of wireless communication had to succeed for bluetooth and RC. More details regarding the equipment for both of those methods of communication can be found in the additional resources below. The test were completed by executing arming and disarming of the quadcopter at increasing distances for RC controller connection testing. For bluetooth, we used the EZGUI to read/response to the RC controller real-live movements at at increasing distances for bluetooth connection testing. Supporting documentation is provided below and we have completed and passed this requirement.


RC Controller Arm/Disarm Test

Bluetooth EZGUI Application Controls Response


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