Arxterra Telerobotic Parks

Arxterra Parks

The Internet is evolving from an individual who begins in the real world and interacts with a virtual world to one where the individual begins and ends in the real world. The gamer who is tired of interacting with a make-believe world, now goes on real adventures in the real world. The maker who wants to design and print a better robot now has a place to test his robot’s mettle. The elderly person in a hospice tired of four walls and yearns to walk in a field of grass.

There is now a convergence of technologies that make Arxterra’s Telerobotic Parks, not a question of if, but how soon. The sensors, camera, display, and wireless communications critical to the design of any robot are now available pre-packaged in low-cost smart phones. The Maker societies and especially 3D printing have made the construction of sophisticated robots an almost commonplace event. Finally, a high bandwidth wireless Internet have allow us to communicate with the most remote parts of the world.

Arxterra Parks and the Arxterra Pathfinder Mission are the first step in creating the first ever telerobotic community. This task will be arduous and needs to involve people from all backgrounds and skill levels. Arxterra is committed to bringing these people together and creating a forum of ingenuity and artistic expression.

Arxterra Parks will begin with an experimental robotics facility located in the high deserts of California. The first goal is to test and develop systems and hardware which can withstand the harshest environments for exploration and recreation. Our current site is located next to an ancient volcanic crater and offers a scenic desert landscape which will intrigue and challenge makers, robot enthusiasts, and adventurers of all shapes and sizes.

Our scenic park will be located in sunny Southern California just south of Quail Lake off the old ridge route highway. Robots will have lots of hills and old valley oaks to roam. The park’s non-robotic residences include badgers, raccoon,  prong horn antelope, black bears, bob cats, mountain lions, coyotes, gray foxes, golden eagles, hawks, mule deer, and ground squirrels. If  robots interacting with wildlife doesn’t excited you, the San Andreas Fault goes right through the property offering some nice geological formations for you and your bots to investigate.

Future park locations are being considered and researched now! Follow us on twitter or facebook to get current, real time updates on Arxterra parks world wide, as well current park activities and other Arxterra news