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Advanced 3D Printer, The Conclusion

By Mustafa Alkhulaitit – Project Manager After 8 weeks of hard work, we have the 3D printer at 90% completion. During the last week, there were many complications and issues that prevented us from completing the printer to a 100%. The main reason for the delays was the printed parts provided by our mentor Mike […]

Remote Controlled Printer

By Mustafa Alkhulaitit – Project Manager  One of our main goals is to be able to controlled Sasha remotely. After many researches on this topic and trying to know if such an idea is even possible or not, we found our answer. There is a very neat feature that allows 3D printer users to remotely […]

E3D Hotends Assembly

By Jessica Salazar – 3D Manufacturing   Components: -Thermal Cartridge -Thermistor -M3 grub screw -Heat block -Heatsink -Heat-Break -Modified Fan Mount -Tube coupler Step1: The Bowden tube coupler screws directly into the top of the heatsink. Step2: Screw the coupler into the heatsink, then push the tubing into and through the couple until it stops […]

Area Thermal Expansion

By Jessica Salazar – 3D Manufacturing     Aluminum expands when heat is applied; this was not considered and remained a problem with the previous design of the heat bed.  The heat bed was screwed down with no room for expansion this made imprecise prints and was not a smooth surface. The aluminum would concave […]

Auto Leveling Design

By Greg Rios – 3D Modeling In order to implement auto leveling to the new Sasha, one must first come up with a design that will be easily attached to the current frame or printed parts. Not having to replace parts will help with reduce material being used and be able to finish in a […]

Auto Leveling Implementation

By Greg Rios – 3D Modeling What you will need:   TowerPro SG90 9G Mini Servo with Accessories Omron SS-5 Microswitch (not shown in picture) Servos mount (3D printed) Servo arm (3d printed) Male pins Assembly: Servos mount needs to be sanded down in order for the servo to fit properly. The slot that was […]

Frame assembly

By Gregorios Rios – 3D Modeling and Jessica Salazar – 3D Manufacturing When I first got Sasha, she was not the prettiest Mendel 3D printer. Sasha’s rods were a bit rusty; wiring was held down good but aesthetically was not pleasing to the eye. I was even concerned that it would not work at all […]

Preparing Printed Parts

By Gregorios Rios – 3D Modeling Our 3D mentor (Mike Pluma) provided the printed parts to be use on the new P3Steel design frame; which is very similar to that of the Prusa i3. All of the printed parts were printed out of ABS plastic because ABS is very sturdy and has a higher melting point […]

Three Point Leveling

By Mustafa Alkhulaitit – Project Manager Another minor upgrade that will be applied to the heat bed is what’s called “three point leveling”. The previous heat bed had what people uses on their 3D printers. The most common method used on heat beds is the four point leveling, which is simply having four bolts on […]

Construction Update 3.0

By Mustafa Alkhulaitit – Project Manager The heat bed as mentioned in a previous blog post is remaining the same, except for minor upgrades. This blog post is going to cover the upgrades and work done on the heat bed. The first thing was changing the insulation material used in the original design. The insulation […]