Intro to Arduino Assembly

This course will be an introduction to modern RISC based microcontrollers and assembly language programming. We will use the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers to teach hardware design of small, minimum-component systems performing simple task-oriented activities.

Advanced Arduino Assembly

This course will include covering advanced RISC based microcontrollers processes and alternative assembly language techniques. Combined with the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers to build and program complex operations and algorithms.

C/C++ Arduino Robots

Study of microprocessor-based systems and their integration with peripheral devices including sensors, actuators, and serial communications. Programming problems will be completed in C++, using the basic problem-solving techniques. Following a progressive lab sequence,  the student will design and construct a modern RISC microcontroller based system.

Engineering Method

Capstone design sequence fulfilling integrative learning capstone category. Design terminologies and processes. Constraints due to performance, economics, reliability, safety, aesthetics, packaging, codes and standards. Ethics, social and environmental impact. Teamwork, written communication and presentations.