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Spring 2016 A-TeChToP Central Sensor Suite Sensor Post #1

Stephen Cortez (Electronics Engineer) Introduction For the Spring 2016 semester, the A-TeChToP project was divided into two portions: the Central Sensor Suite (CSS) and the Seizure Watch (SW). This post will discuss the detailed instructions to wire, test, and program the sensors chosen for the CSS portion. First, there are five sensors in total that […]

Spring 2016 A-TeChToP Final Hardware Design

By: Mimy Ho (Manufacturing Engineer) Introduction Up to this point, we have the 3D printed case, completed and working PCB, and the battery that we finalized that we use for the Central Sensor Suite.  So, we are moving forward to the next step of the project is to assemble our final product. This blog post […]

Spring 2016 A-TeChToP Updated Level 1 and 2 Requirements

By: Cody Dunn (Project Manager) Omar Rojas (Systems Engineer, Central Sensor Suite) Robin Yancey (Systems Engineer, Seizure Watch) Introduction The A-TeChToP project was ultimately split into two different projects for manageability. Therefore, it was important to create requirements for both the Central Sensor Suite and the Seizure Watch. The Level 1 and Level 2 requirements […]