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IR shield Fabrication and Test

IR shield Fabrication and Test Written by Charles Banuelos(Division Manager Design and Manufacturing) & Muhannad Al Mohamed(Division Manager E&C) Approved by  Charles Banuelos(Division Manager Design and Manufacturing), Muhannad Al Mohamed(Division Manager E&C), Mark Huffman(Project Manager Goliath), Zach Oyog (E&C Sojourner) Fabrication Fabrication of the 3DoT IR shield occurred on 12/5/2017 due to the fact that Color […]

Generic Color Sensor Requirements

Written by Charles Banuelos (Manufacturing and Design;Division Manager) & Muhannad Al Mohamed (Electronic & Control Division Manager) Worked on by Charles Banuelos (Manufacturing and Design;Division Manager) & Muhannad Al Mohamed (Electronic & Control Division Manager)     The Color Sensor Shield shall provide measurements from two color sensors with different I2C addresses. The Color Sensor […]

Muse Laser Cutter Parts Verification & Additional Purchase of Materials

Written By: Charles Banuelos (Design & Manufacturing Division Manager) & Lucas Gutierrez (Project Manager for ModWheels) Worked on by: Charles Banuelos (Design & Manufacturing Division Manager), Lucas Gutierrez (Project Manager for ModWheels), & Vanessa Enriquez (Design & Manufacturing Engineer for Goliath)   Before the setup of the laser cutter, initial confirmation of all components need to be verified and made […]

Color Sensor Trade off Study

Written By Charles Banuelos MFG DM Muhannad Al Mohamed E&C DM Previous tests The color sensor placement in relation to the PCB is very important. The distance testing that will be occurring will tell what is the best distance to place the color sensors on the PCB. The sensor placement will determine whether the robot […]

Generic Color Sensor Hedge follower PCB Layout

Written by Charles Banuelos   The PCB design below is for a generic hedge following shield. The PCB is a work in progress with the finalizing of the dimension dependent upon the testing of the color sensors. The LEDs chosen are significantly larger than the previous design and this is due to availability.     […]

Generic Color Sensor Schematic

Written by Charles Banuelos  MFG DM-updated 11/29/2017 The schematic below is for a hedge following shield that will connect directly to the 3DoT board. The hedge following shield will connect to the 3DoT board using the same 6 pin header that is used for the 3DoT IR shield. The design follows Thomas Forman’s designs from EE444. The […]