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Spring 2017 Final Blog Post – Pick and Place

Belinda Vivas (Project Manager) Tyler Jones (Manufacturing) Kevin Ruelas (Electronics) By: Chastin Realubit (MST) Executive Summary Program Objective By: Belinda Vivas (Project Manager) The objective of the Second Generation of the Pick and Place is to: ❖Build up from the First Generation of the Pick and Place machine and create an user friendly design. ❖Create […]

Pick and Place – Updated Requirements and Mass Reports

By: Chastin Realubit (Missions Systems and Testing) Level 2 Requirements: L2-1: Attached compartments shall not interfere with the functionality of the machine. L2-1a: Wires shall be shielded or incorporate heat shrinks in all areas of the pick and place machine. L2-1b: The RJ-25 cables shall be able to reach every operable part of the aluminum […]

Pick and Place – Servo Driver

By: Kevin Ruelas (Electronics) The system block diagram presented in the PDR is undergoing changes, especially regarding the additional servos. The system block diagram that was made currently has two micro controllers connected via I2C. Both utilize the Me UNO shield and one port could generally house two servos. Using a 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver we […]