Mission News

Second Site Secured for Scenic Park!


Things are really picking up steam here at Arxterra! While we are putting the finishing touches on our kickstarter campaign, we have secured the rights to our scenic telerobotics park. Our scenic park will be located in sunny Southern California just south of Quail Lake off the old ridge route highway. Robots will have lots of hills and old valley oaks to roam. The park’s non-robotic residences include badgers, raccoon, prong horn antelope, black bears, bob cats, mountain lions, coyotes, gray foxes, golden eagles, hawks, mule deer, and ground squirrels. If robots interacting with wildlife doesn’t excited you, the San Andreas Fault goes right through the property offering some nice geological formations for you and your bots to investigate.

Kickstarter Launch

RoboPathfinderArxterra is set to launch a kickstarter campaign on April 2, 2013 to secure additional funding for the Pathfinder Mission. We have secured land in the high desert of California adjacent to an ancient volcanic crater. Eventually, this site will be the first Arxterra Park! Our first mission will be for our Pathfinder Rover to make the arduous 2.1 mile journey in the scorching desert across the lava rock fields and basalt planes and end at the base of the ancient volcano. While undertaking this journey, we will be sitting comfortably in our mission command center (MC3) in Huntington Beach, California. The success of this mission is the first step towards establishing the first ever 100% telerobotics park! Check out our project and see how you can be a part of this exciting revolution of Internet and robotics.