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Final Project Document

By Kristine Abatay – Project Manager       Matthew Clegg – Computer & Control Systems       Simon Abatay – 3D Modeling & Manufacturing Before signing off with the final document for Spiderbot, we would like to thank various members of the Robot Company in aiding with the completion of Spiderbot: First off, […]

Project Burndown and Overview

By Kristine Abatay – Project Manager The following image displays the final overview of Spiderbot:   Due to the incomplete state of some of the tasks originally assigned, Spiderbot is only 83% complete. The slack comes from the planning and programming portions of the progress of Spiderbot. Manufacturing is labeled at 100%, since, though not […]

A Day at the Races

By Matthew Clegg – Computer & Control Systems It all began earlier in the day. Group members Kristine Abatay, Simon Abatay and Matthew Clegg met early in a classroom, for a last second check to ensure everything on Spiderbot was working properly.  A couple of screws were tightened and the Android phone was connected properly […]

Weight Resource Report

By Kristine Abatay – Project Manager & Simon Abatay – 3D Modeling & Manufacturing The following tables are the weight resource reports for Spiderbot. This first table shows the various masses that we initially predicted. The masses for the parts that were 3D printed (Chassis, Femur, Tibia, Pan & Tilt) were taken from estimates provided […]

Spring 2014 Biped Final Thoughts

By Kevin Huynh, Project Manager Tasks Complete: Alternative movement code to the one provided by projectbiped and robot poser. Alternate code includes statically stable forward walk, left turn, right turn, and obstacle avoidance code. Remote control of ROFIA through Arxterra. ROFIA can be commanded to stand up straight, walk forward, turn left, and turn right. Servo overcurrent […]

Molding Parts

By Vinh Kim, 3D Modeling and Manufacturing Introduction: Here I will show you the process of molding and casting the Hexapod parts with pictures. Tool & Supplies: Sliding Compound Miter Saw Hardwood Flooring Mold Max 40 or OOMOO 30 3D- printed parts Glue gun & hot glue Ease Release 200 Vinyl gloves only (Latex gloves […]